About Cedar College

Cedar College is a ministry of CityReach Baptist Church > Oakden.

Cedar College was officially opened in February 1997 with just 34 students. The connection between Cedar College and CityReach Baptist Church provides the school with spiritual leadership as well as pastoral counselling and support. A distinctly Christian school, Cedar College seeks to provide a Christ-centred and caring environment.

A continual building development program was implemented to cater for the growing numbers, and new facilities have been added each year in line with our growth and Master Plan.

Today Cedar College has over 800 students and is still growing in both numbers and facilities. The most notable recent additions are the Creative Arts Centre, the two-storey Resource Centre and Administration Block, and the Cedar College Sports Centre.

Our Name

The name “Cedar College” is derived from Psalm 92 v 12 which outlines the growth of a righteous person, pictured as a cedar tree, growing to become strong and vital and leading a fruit-bearing life.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Cedar College is to prepare students for real life as they discover Jesus, display love and develop self.

Our Goals

Discover Jesus. We believe that real life is found in knowing Jesus Christ, and we regularly encourage our students to discover Jesus for themselves.

Display Love. Our students are challenged to display honesty, compassion, truth and love, within the school community and also around the world.

Develop Self. We value high standards in education. Our students are challenged to reach their full potential, through access to high quality education. Students are treated as unique individuals and guided personally towards their future goals and aspirations

One School, three Departments

Cedar College is divided into three departments – Primary School (Reception to Year 6), Middle School (Year 7 to Year 9) and Senior School (Year 10 to Year 12). These departments allow students to develop academically and socially at an appropriate level and provides a facility that offers a complete education from Reception through to Year 12.