service trip

Senior School Service Trip

Making a difference at home and around the world.

Every second year Senior School students at Cedar College have the opportunity to take part in an overseas service trip, which is currently to Thailand. Accompanied by Cedar College staff, the students take part various activities over a period of 4 weeks, enabling to experience life in a different culture while serving the community in many practical ways.

Aligned with international support agency ‘Compassion’ – a Christ-centred, Child-focused, Church-based ministry – the students spend time in the established school ministries in Thailand, supporting staff and spending time with Thai students. Cedar College students also spend time serving in a local orphanage, helping out with building projects and ministering at local churches.


Becoming other-minded

During the school year, each class in the High School organises a fund-raising activity to generate funds for the Service Trip, and also for the Compassion children that the school sponsors.

service trip

Another major fund-raising opportunity is the Fusion Formal Dinner, held annually, which also contributes funds to the Service Trip. The opportunity for students to raise money and provide for those in need from other countries, helps broaden their perspective and understanding of the world around them.

The two main goals of the Service Trip have remained the same, since its inception: to provide opportunities for students to serve people less fortunate than themselves, and to grow their world view by being immersed in another culture.

Perhaps most of all, the Thailand Service Trip serves to fulfil the purpose of Cedar College in preparing students for real life as they discover Jesus, display love and develop self.