Senior Drama

Coming Events

The Cedar College calendar is full of events that enhance and extend the curriculum, as well as special events for the Cedar community.

You can check the details of upcoming events and purchase tickets to performances and special events from this page.

Coming events

Here’s what coming next at Cedar College   R-12    R-6    7-12

High School Casual Clothes fundraiser
Details: Wednesday, Jun 26 (all day)
Year 8 Compassion Program
Details: Wednesday, Jun 26 From: 10:40 am - 1:05 pm
Year 7s Service Day & Training
Details: Thursday, Jun 27 (all day)
Choir Excursion - Yr 3 & 6
Details: Thursday, Jun 27 From: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Last Day of Term 2
Details: Friday, Jun 28 (all day)
Primary School Run4Fun
Details: Friday, Jun 28 (all day)
Year 7s Service Day
Details: Friday, Jun 28 (all day)
Details: Saturday, Jun 29 to Sunday, Jul 21 (all day)