Reception 2018 News

Reception 2018 News

A new initiative in Early Learning

Exciting news for Reception 2018

- CedarNews Term 3, Week 10

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I am pleased to be able to announce to you an exciting new initiative which will be taking place at Cedar College, for Reception 2018.

Beginning next year, Cedar College will enjoy the benefits of having three Reception classes, with a maximum of 18 students per class. While our Reception intake numbers will remain the same, our 54 new Reception students will be spread over three classes, instead of two.

Reception values

This initiative is due to the Leadership at Cedar College valuing strategic investment into a student’s first year of school, to provide a solid literacy and social foundation. The smaller class sizes will enable us to provide a smoother transition from the kindergarten environment, while more effectively equipping students to read, write and gain independence.

This three-classroom initiative is intended for the Reception year level only, and it is not planned to continue three classes into other Primary School year levels. During the course of the year, the three classes will have combined group times together, allowing the formation of further friendships as they progress to Year 1 classes with a standard teacher/student ratio.

Beginning in Reception, Cedar College values each child as a unique individual with differing interests and learning needs. We encourage our students to be curious about our world, to ask lots of questions, to investigate, create and problem solve. We believe that students learn best when they are actively involved in learning which is relevant, motivating and connected with their prior knowledge and understanding, and we encourage our students to collaborate and to value and respect the thoughts and ideas of others.

As a school, we are excited about the benefits that this new approach to early childhood education will bring. It is our desire to foster creativity, imagination, thinking, communication, and collaboration, unlocking each student’s curiosity and potential, as they journey with us at Cedar College.

Mr Peter Thomson, Principal