Principal’s update

Principal’s update

An important update from the Principal regarding CONVID-19

Principal's Update - COVID-19

- CedarNews Term 1, Week 8

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School Update - COVID-19

Dear Parents and Caregivers, please carefully read through the information below, relating to the latest COVID-19 directives.

Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Wednesday morning (March 18) that there is now a ban on indoor meetings of more than 100 people and outdoor gatherings of more than 500.

Arrangements that reflect this directive were already in place at Cedar from the beginning of the week, so there is no further change required at this stage.

Blanket “do not travel” advice for all Australians has been announced, and all people entering the country are required to isolate for 14 days. It is particularly important that any child who has been in contact with individuals returning from overseas, or is feeling unwell in any way, not to return to school. Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said on Wednesday, “Don’t leave it to the teacher to work that out when they arrive, or the school administrator or whoever is on drop-off, make sure, if your child is unwell, that you are taking action to keep your child out of school”.

As you know, camps and excursions this term have been cancelled, which, of course, has resulted in great disappointment to our students. We will endeavour to arrange alternative activities, where appropriate, for students to enjoy later in the year. Our focus is on the best way forward, with your child’s health and education being our priority.

The recommendations by the Australian Government Department of Health and the World Health Organisation are the basis for the decisions we make. These recommendations are changing daily. Further updates can be accessed here: or or SA Health.

Students viewing the news each day, and hearing parents talking about COVID-19 can, of course, cause a high level of anxiety. Children of all ages need to know they are safe. Try to keep life and routines as normal as possible. Think about doing some fun things as a family, such as a games night. Keeping children occupied can help take their minds off the news. Reassure them that they are safe in your home and give them time to ask questions.

At present, Cedar College will continue to remain open unless the Government directs us otherwise. We believe that Cedar is a safe place with a supportive, kind and loving staff. Our staff includes everyone, from admin, groundskeepers, nurses and SSOs, through to teachers. We all have a role to play.

For many students, Cedar is their second home, and we love that.


Mr Peter Thomson, Principal