Pancakes With Purpose

Pancakes With Purpose

Pancake Day raises money for others

Pancakes With Purpose

- CedarNews Term 1, Week 4

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The Year 11 Health class organised and ran Pancake Day this year, raising money for services for the homeless through Uniting Care.

After honing their pancake-making skills, the Year 11 Health class hung up posters and balloons, served other students, had a fun visit from “Penny the Pancake” and sold lots of pancakes. The money raised went to Uniting Care, who provided services for the homeless and run many programs for people who have to overcome poverty and disadvantage.

So, what is Pancake Day all about? Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day) is the day before the traditional period of “Lent”, a 40-day period of going without luxury foods, and a time of fasting leading up to Easter, which is when Jesus death and resurrection is remembered. The day before Lent was traditionally an opportunity for people to meditate on their sins and brokenness and remember Jesus’ grace and transformation. To use up all the luxury foods in the house before beginning Lent, people would cook pancakes, and then refrain from eating certain foods during the time of Lent.

Mrs Mel Rogers, Year 11 Health class