Inaugural Cedar Cup

Inaugural Cedar Cup

Awarded for Academics, Sport, Event Days, Service, and Creative Arts

Laver takes out first Cedar Cup

- High School 2020

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Inaugural Cedar Cup Champions

The concept of the Cedar Cup was birthed by a passionate group of staff who had a desire to see our house competition grow, which would in turn value every student’s contribution to school life.

Using the existing College House teams, the aim was to bring a broad number of areas throughout the college to a single focus point, promoting the purpose, ethos and strategic direction of the college.

It has been a four year journey to get to where we are now, which has involved a review of the previous house system, the implementation of our Community Groups, and the development of the Cup structure.

Presentation Ceremony

In a ceremony on Friday of Week 1, Term 4, we presented the inaugural winners of this annual competition, acknowledging their all-round contributions over the past 12 months. Ultimately, the winning house of the Cedar Cup demonstrated the highest participation, dedication and success within the set categories, from the beginning of Term 4 last year to the end of Term 3 this year. The six categories, made up of 19 weighted sub-categories, which contributed to the final overall results wereEvent Days, Service, Character, Sport, Academics, and Creative Arts.

There final results were – First: Laver with 508.7 points, Second: Jackson with 494 points, Third: Gould with 492.1 points, Fourth: Bradman with 405.2

Therefore, it was with great pleasure that we declared Laver House the winners of the inaugural Cedar Cup. Well done to each Laver student who contributed to their House over the past 12 months!

A Team Effort

I would particularly like to thank the Laver House Captains – Benjamin and Campbell for their leadership, the extensive amount of time they contributed to administration and for the emotional investment put into their role. Thank you also to the Laver Community Teachers for the daily support of their students. I’d also like to thank Mrs De Cristofaro for her investment into, and oversight of, the Cedar Cup competition.

The Cedar Cup will sit in the High School Office for all students and staff to observe, including an acknowledgement of the reigning (and past) Cup Champions. Every student and staff member should be proud of their individual contribution to their House’s performance.

Well done to all!

Mr Andrew Lock, Head of High School