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Enrolment Steps

The enrolment process at Cedar College is explained in our Enrolment Steps Booklet and Enrolment Policy. Please note that undertaking these steps does not guarantee placement, but are the steps that need to be followed in order for applications to be considered.

Enrolment year levels (quick information)

Reception is the first year of Primary School (Years R-6).

Children must turn 5 years old before May 1 to begin school that year. If they were born on or after May 1, they will be required to start in Term 1 the following year. Applications for Reception may be submitted up to 3 years before commencement – which is usually when the child turns two years old.

Year 7 is the first year of Middle School (Years 7-9) at Cedar College.

Each year there is one Year 7 intake class, which joins the two Year 7 classes from our Primary School. Applications for Year 7 may be submitted up to 3 years before commencement – i.e. when then the child is in Year 4.

The enrolments steps for all other year levels depend on availability of places.

Applications may be submitted up to 3 years before commencement. If the requested year level is full, your application may be placed on a waiting list (please note that all waiting list applications will expire after 3 years from the date of submission). If the waiting list for the requested year level is also full, the Enrolment Officer will inform you, and will be unable to accept your Enrolment Application Form.

Understanding the enrolment process

Application for Enrolment forms may be submitted up to 3 years before commencement (for Reception intake, this would usually be when the child turns two years old).

Application for Enrolment forms are available for download from our website or from the School Office.

Along with your application, we require a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate or Passport, a recent Semester Report (if attending school), any relevant Medical Reports and Educational Assessments, as well as a $50 application fee. Your application cannot progress until these are provided.

It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to fill out separate application forms for all siblings wishing to attend Cedar College, otherwise placement will not be guaranteed

School Tours

We hold School Tour mornings in Terms 1, 2, 3 (during school hours) and we recommend these as the best way to find out more about the Cedar College.  Informal tours may be booked with our Enrolment Officer, should you be unable to attend the official tour mornings.

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Current year Enrolment Enquiry / Expression of Interest

Limited positions for 2020 enrolment may be available during the school year. We are able to accept Expressions of Interest for the current school year, for consideration should positions be available.
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For Enrolment Enquiries for 2021 and onward, please use the form below.

Enrolment Enquiry

If you would like to make an enrolment enquiry regarding year level availability, please fill-in and submit your details below (please supply as much information as you are able). Please note that the online form below is an enquiry only, and is not an official enrolment application form.

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