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School Fee Information

Our vision has always been to offer affordable Christian schooling. We also recognise that parents and students expect a high level of facilities, staff, resources and technology, all of which contribute to the costs of education

Cedar College strives to balance these costs with our vision of affordable education. The 2021 Fee Schedule is shown below and is also available for download. A number of fee payment options are available which can be arranged via a Direct Debit form if desired.


What’s included?

The 2021 Tuition Fees includes the full year’s tuition expenses as well as stationery, exercise books, excursions, camps and laptops for students in Years 7-12Some activities (such as Inter-school sports events, private instrumental lessons, personal items for the Year 10 Bushwalking Camp and certain Senior School VET subjects) will have an associated cost not covered by tuition fees.

Discount for early payment

If the full year’s fees are paid by the due date for the Term 1 fees, a 5% discount on tuition fees will apply to payments made by direct deposit, OR 4% discount if paid by Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard).

Discount for multiple children

Our fee structure includes progressive discounts for multiple children from the same family attending Cedar College, with the fourth sibling being free.

When do School Card rates apply?

When a family has been assessed as eligible School Card holders by Centrelink and the Department of Education and Children’s Services, reduced tuition fees may apply. A separate School Card fee schedule and application form, are available from the Front Office for qualifying families.

Fees 2021

Fees shown are valid for 2021 school year, and are subject to price increase for 2022 school year.

Capital Levy, Technology Levy & Senior School Book Bond

*2021 Book Bond (Per Senior School student) A $200 book bond for students in Years 10-12 will be charged at the beginning of Year 10. Please note that this is refundable, provided books are returned in good condition when the child leaves the school or at the end of Year 12.

2021 Capital Levy (Per family) A capital levy is charged on a per family basis in addition to the Fee Schedule shown above. This levy is not tax deductible. Capital Levy (Annual) $550.

#2021 Technology Levy (per student)A technology levy is charged on a per-student basis, reducing for subsequent siblings, in addition to the Fee Schedule shown above.
Technology Levy (Annual) first child: $300, second child: $200, third child: $100