Term 4 Week 2 - 2020



Term 4, Week 2



Farewell Year 12s

Term 4 has only just begun, but today we said farewell to our Year 12 students, many of whom have been at Cedar since Reception.

As our Year 12s prepare for exams, their Formal and Graduation, and then a well earned rest, we would like to take the opportunity to thank them for persevering through what has been a difficult year. It is our hope and prayer that they will achieve every success during their final exams, that they would fulfil their goals for tertiary education and career pathways, and continue to stay close to God during the journey ahead.

Around the Campus

In this week’s newsletter, we take a look at last week’s presentation of the Inaugural Cedar Cup, the Primary School says a special goodbye to our Year 12s, catch up on all the news from the High School Big Day In and revisit the Year 3 Camp held in the last week of Term 3.

Mr Peter Thomson, Principal


Week 2 >>
Year 9 Excursion
Details: Monday, Oct 18 (all day)
PS Dan Warlow Concert
Details: Monday, Oct 18 From: 9:30 am - 12:05 pm
Year 8L English Excursion
Details: Tuesday, Oct 19 (all day)
SACSA Year 7-10 Netball
Details: Wednesday, Oct 20 (all day)
Year 12 Farewell Chapel
Details: Thursday, Oct 21 From: 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Junior Primary Sports Day
Details: Friday, Oct 22 (all day)
Year 12 Breakfast & Fun Day
Details: Friday, Oct 22 (all day)
Week 3 >>
JP Swimming Week
Details: Monday, Oct 25 to Friday, Oct 29 (all day)
Year 12 SWOT Vac
Details: Monday, Oct 25 to Friday, Oct 29 (all day)
High School Welcome Day
Details: Tuesday, Oct 26 (all day)
Year 4 Camp
Details: Wednesday, Oct 27 to Friday, Oct 29 (all day)
Week 4 >>
Year 12 Exams
Details: Monday, Nov 1 to Friday, Nov 5 (all day)


The Cedar Cup

The first Cedar Cup champions are crowned

Year 3 Adventures

Year 3 Camp

The Year 3s finish Term 3 with an exciting camp

Super Big Day In

A Great, Big Day

A huge range of activities, a big day of competition

Farewell Year 12s

Final Year 12 Chapel

Primary School gives Year 12s a special farewell

The Front Page

Inaugural Cedar Cup Champions

Head of High School


The concept of the Cedar Cup was birthed by a passionate group of staff who had a desire to see our house competition grow, which would in turn value every student’s contribution to school life.

Using the existing College House teams, the aim was to bring a broad number of areas throughout the college to a single focus point, promoting the purpose, ethos and strategic direction of the college.

It has been a four year journey to get to where we are now, which has involved a review of the previous house system, the implementation of our Community Groups, and the development of the Cup structure.

Presentation Ceremony

In a ceremony on Friday of Week 1, Term 4, we presented the inaugural winners of this annual competition, acknowledging their all-round contributions over the past 12 months. Ultimately, the winning house of the Cedar Cup demonstrated the highest participation, dedication and success within the set categories, from the beginning of Term 4 last year to the end of Term 3 this year. The six categories, made up of 19 weighted sub-categories, which contributed to the final overall results wereEvent Days, Service, Character, Sport, Academics, and Creative Arts.

There final results were – First: Laver with 508.7 points, Second: Jackson with 494 points, Third: Gould with 492.1 points, Fourth: Bradman with 405.2

Therefore, it was with great pleasure that we declared Laver House the winners of the inaugural Cedar Cup. Well done to each Laver student who contributed to their House over the past 12 months!

A Team Effort

I would particularly like to thank the Laver House Captains – Benjamin and Campbell for their leadership, the extensive amount of time they contributed to administration and for the emotional investment put into their role. Thank you also to the Laver Community Teachers for the daily support of their students. I’d also like to thank Mrs De Cristofaro for her investment into, and oversight of, the Cedar Cup competition.

The Cedar Cup will sit in the High School Office for all students and staff to observe, including an acknowledgement of the reigning (and past) Cup Champions. Every student and staff member should be proud of their individual contribution to their House’s performance.

Well done to all!

Mr Andrew Lock, Head of High School

Week 2 News and Notices

From the Business Manager

A reminder that Term 4 tuition fees are due by Friday of Week 2 of this term, or as an approved payment plan. Thank you to those families who have paid their fees promptly.

Business Manager

If you have not yet paid your fees for this term, please contact the Finance Office on 8261 3377 to organise payment.

If you make a payment directly to the school’s bank account, please include your Family Reference Number (shown on the Fee Invoice, which was emailed to you) so we can ensure that the payment is allocated correctly.

Please also be aware that we require a full term’s notice of an intention to withdraw a student from the school. Families that fail to give adequate notice will be required to pay one full term’s fees, as per the Enrolment Agreement.

Student Free Days, Term 4

Please note that Friday December 4 is a Student Free Day for all students.

The final day of classes for High School students (7-9) is Thursday December 3, and for Primary School students (R-6) is Wednesday December 9.

2021 Parent & Student Agreement Forms

All families will have received an envelope containing their 2021 Parent & Student Agreement Forms, as well as Medical and Instrumental forms, this week.

Parents/caregivers are required to update and return these forms in readiness for the new school year. Please read, fill-in and return these forms by Monday October 26.

Summer Uniform Reminder

Full summer uniform must be worn by all students from the beginning of Week 3, and hats are compulsory for all students in Term 4. The Uniform Shop will be open on Thursday of Week 3 from 3.00pm – 5.30pm, in addition to the normal Monday and Wednesday trading hours.

For further information regarding the summer uniform, please see our Uniform Policy.

Junior Primary (R-2) Sports Day

The Junior Primary Sports Day will be held this Friday, October 23, 2020 from 8:30am – 1:00pm, and parents and caregivers are able to attend the day.

Please note that we are unable to hold our usual sausage sizzle or bake sale, however, coffee and hot chocolate will be available for purchase from 9am until 10:30am. The Canteen will be open for students at recess, and for Qkr! pre-ordered student lunches on the day.

Students are required to wear their sports uniform with their coloured House T-shirt, and their Cedar College hat.

The event will conclude at approximately 1:00pm. Parents/caregivers may sign their child out from their classroom, following the conclusion of Sports Day.


On occasion, the Canteen has experienced difficulties obtaining bulk items from its usual suppliers, due to COVID-19. This means that items may need to be substituted with a similar product, or temporarily removed from the canteen menu. Thank you for your understanding.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is happy to accept and sell your second-hand uniform items, however please consider if items are of good, saleable quality. This means that they are in condition that ensures a reasonable number of years of serviceable life left in the garment, thank you.

Changes to Graduations

Limits on the number of adults per square metre at indoor public gatherings have meant that our end-of-year graduations are required to adhere to strict attendance caps. Due to this, our three graduations – Year 12, Year 9 and Year 6, will be ticketed-only events, to ensure that we abide by current regulations.

These restrictions have also meant changes and cancellations of some of our usual end of year events, which we realise is a disappointment to many families. We are grateful, however, that in South Australia we are still able to celebrate the student graduations, and hold student gatherings such as Chapel and Assemblies. We thank you for your understanding, and certainly hope to be able to resume our normal gatherings and events in 2021.

Operation Christmas Child

If you have filled a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, please return this to the Primary School office no later than Friday October 23 in order to be sent to the collection centre.

Primary School Swimming Week

With the difficulties surrounding COVID-19 we had to make the decision to cancel our booking with the swim school. It is planned that Swimming Week will be back in Term 4, 2021.

Dates this Term


Term 4, 2020 – Tue 13 Oct – Wed 9 Dec

Term 1, 2021 – Wed 27 Jan – Fri 9 April

Term 2, 2021 – Tue 27 April – Fri 25 June

We will continue to have a three week break between Term 2 & 3

Term 3, 2021 – Wed 21 July – Fri 24 Sept


Regular opening hours during term:

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday Extended Opening Hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1-4, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm


Our School Assemblies and Chapels are held on Fridays at 8:50am. 

Please note that Chapels and Assemblies will be attended by students only during Term 4.

Should guidelines for large gatherings change, parents/caregivers will be informed.

Primary School News

Year 3 Camp

The Year 3 camp, held during the last week of Term 3, is the first big camping experience for our Primary School students, and is always a highlight of the year!

Despite the forecast for 10-20mm of rain, temperatures below 10 degrees and thunderstorms overnight, the Year 3s headed away to Mylor for our overnight camp.

Upon arriving, the rain started but so did the fun! We climbed crates and completed low ropes courses despite the conditions. The opportunity to make and eat damper around the fire was a welcome opportunity to dry out and keep warm. We toasted marshmallows at night and watched Mr Rowe, Mr Klassen, Mrs Holloway and Mrs Green perform a silly drama about a hare and his mother, a squirrel, and a fairy godmother.

A New (Drier) Day

Drying our shoes around the fire overnight and getting at least 3 hours sleep gave us heaps of energy to attack our last day. We swung from giant rope swings and searched for bugs in the river without too much rain. We had a wonderful time and made lots of unforgettable memories.

Mr Phil Klassen, Year 3 Teacher

Middle School News

A Big Day In

The Big Day In, held on the last day of Term 3, was the final activity on the Cedar Cup calendar, providing numerous engaging and competitive activities for students to contribute to their House.

With the forecast inclement weather threatening the day (it ended up snowing a little further north!), the decision was made to alter the program and move all battles to indoor areas.

The Battle Menu offered a delectable selection of battles to choose from, catering for a broad range of tastes. The dishes served up in the Masterchef Mystery Box Battle rivalled that of its TV namesake, whilst the Domino Destruction Battle turned out to be a creative mix of Lego Masters meets Grand Designs meets Demolition NZ. The Basketball, Handball, and Line and Circle Game Battles showcased the physical prowess of each House and the Trivial Pursuit General Knowledge Challenge, Bee and Bowl, Countdown and Mock Trial Battles provided plenty of cognitive stimulation.

Creative Competition

The creative types were well catered for with our very own Nailed It: Cake Style Challenge, Cardboard City Creation and Out of the Box 2.0 Creative Arts Battles. There was plenty of problem-solving taking place during the Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt and You vs Wild. Rather than actually throwing real tortoise shells from motorbikes, it was decided in these COVID times to go virtual, with a House vs House Mario Kart battle!

After conquering the sausage sizzle, each House gathered together in the Auditorium to witness some final stage battles (who would have thought we had multiple students who could speak 5 languages?!), some highlights from the day were re-visited, and then the final scores announced.

Final Scores

After much effort and anticipation, and after what has been quite a dry spell for the reds, it was Jackson who made a charge late in the day to take the honours of winning the 2020 Big Day In. First: Jackson 944 points, second: Bradman 872 points, third: Gould 840 points, and fourth: Laver 721 points.

Well done to all House Captains, staff and students for your efforts and participation – it was a wonderful day where house spirit, collegiality, engagement and enthusiasm was clearly evident.

Mr Andrew Lock, Head of High School

Senior School News

Final Year 12 Chapel

As our Year 12s complete their final week of regular classes at Cedar, one of the highlights of the year as been the opportunity for each Year 12 student to establish a prayer partner connection with a Primary School class.

The Year 12 students have made regular visits to their Primary School prayer class throughout the year and have been encouraged by the younger students, as they progressed through the year.

This Thursday marked the final Chapel, and farewell for our Year 12 students, and was an opportunity for the Primary School to offer their prayers and encouragement before exams begin. To remind them on their final year at Cedar, each Year 12 was presented with a special card, filled with notes from the Primary School students, and made especially for the occasion.

Starting a New Chapter

During the Farewell Chapel, Cedar Chaplain, Pastor Jeremy Wright, took the opportunity to remind the Year 12 students about the theme of their camp at the beginning of the year – ProximityAs it turned out, 2020 became a year where our ability to be in close proximity to others changed. However, the Year 12s were reminded that God has not changed, we can always draw close to Him, and He cares for us and will carry us through all circumstances.

As a school, we are so proud of the effort our Year 12s have shown this year, throughout the unusual circumstances and trials of 2020. Our prayers go with them as they prepare for and sit exams, and move on to a new phase in their lives. We look forward to sharing their successes with the school community toward the end of the year.