Term 2 Week 8 - 2019


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Term 2, Week 8



Halfway Already!

If you’ve been thinking that the days are getting colder, shorter and darker, you are quite correct!

Warm Your Soul

We are approaching the shortest day of the year, in terms of daylight, known as the Winter Solstice. Already, Senior students have undertaken mid-year exams, and our music students in Year 9 -12 are preparing for their aptly named Winter SOULstice, on Monday June 24. The night promises to entertain the ears and warm the soul – see the details here.

Learning Never Stops 

Before students return to school for Term 3, our staff will be joining over a thousand teachers and school staff across the State, at the Christian Schools Australia Conference, on July 22 and 23. This is a time for professional development, and connecting and learning with other teachers and education staff. Please note that due to this conference, our students will begin Term 3 on Wednesday June 24.

Mr Peter Thomson, Principal


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Meaningful Reports

Our Director of Curriculum looks at making Reports meaningful

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Beyond the Classroom

Outdoor fun and learning are some great benefits of school camp

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$20 Boss Program

Year 9s learn about Business and Ethical Enterprise

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Ready for Work

Work Experience helps prepare students for real life

The Front Page

Director of Curriculum


Making Reports Meaningful

For many years, the school report has evoked a range of emotions from students and their parents or carers.

Some students look forward to receiving their school report and sharing its contents with the significant people in their life, while others are tempted to hide their report in the darkest corner of their locker and hope that no one ever asks to see it.

Reports Plus Conversation 

We are committed to providing school reports that provide students, parents and carers with a detailed account of progress and achievement. I would therefore encourage all involved to read their Semester 1 reports carefully, and to ask follow-up questions with relevant staff as required. Such follow-up conversations really are very important, as they assist in providing a more thorough representation of achievement and progress, beyond an A-E grade and a brief comment.

We would also encourage parents and carers to do what they can throughout a semester to make sure that the arrival of a school report doesn’t bring with it too many surprises. Information regarding academic progress is readily available within Canvas, particularly within the High School, and all of our teachers enjoy the opportunity to discuss student progress, whether at structured Learning Conversation/Parent-Teacher Interview evenings, or at other times in either a real-life or electronic conversation.

Beyond the Report 

It is also important to recognise that some students are gifted in ways that different elements of the school report can’t address. We see each student at Cedar as being made in the image of God, each with a unique set of gifts provided to bring honour and glory to Him. Given this, it would be close to impossible to provide a school report that adequately provides an assessment of student progress, given our individually unique nature.

We certainly encourage students to take note of their reports, and to act on the feedback provided, but they should also understand that this is an indication of progress and achievement, within certain areas, at a particular point in time. A school report does not define you or your path in life, and we would encourage all of our students to reflect on their Semester 1 results with this message in mind.

Mr Tim Maddern, Director of Curriculum

Week 8 News and Notices

Semester 1 Reports

Semester 1 Reports will be sent home with students next week. Year 10 Reports will be emailed to parents/caregivers, as these students will be undertaking Work Experience, with a printed copy available once they return in Term 3.

Reduced Canteen Menu – Week 9

Please note that, due to staffing, the Canteen will continue to operate a reduced lunch ordering menu for the last week of Term 2. Lunch orders are available through Qkr! for Monday June 24 and Wednesday June 26, but will not be available on the last day of term (Friday June 28). The normal Canteen menu will resume in Term 3, Week 1.

Primary School Run4Fun

The Primary School will be holding their annual Run4Fun fundraiser on the final day of Term 2, Friday June 28.

All Primary School students should wear their sports shorts, coloured team T-shirt and appropriate running shoes on this day. Sponsorship is available through the forms sent home, or via the special menu in the Qkr! App, with all students raising $10 or more eligible for a prize. Funds raised will contribute toward our current and future Primary School playground areas.

Earn & Learn Stickers

Thank you to the many families who have brought in Woolworths Earn & Learn stickers.

As the promotion finishes in Week 9, please bring any stickers you may still have before the end of Term, so that they can be counted in time!

First Day of Term 3

Please note that all students in R-12 return to school for Term 3 on Wednesday July 24.

  • Monday July 22 and Tuesday July 23 are Student Free Days

School Photos 2019

School photo order forms were sent home with all students last week, outlining the range of packs and options available. If you would like to order a family photo, please collect a specially marked envelope from the Primary School Office.

High School and Primary School photos will take place on separate days.

All photos will be taken in Term 3, Week 2, however, High School student photos will take place on Wednesday July 31, and Primary School photos on Friday August 2. Family photos will take place on either the Wednesday or Friday, depending on year levels. Primary School Sports Team photos will be taken on the Wednesday, with High School Sports Teams being photographed on the Friday.

Grandparents Day

Our Grandparents Day event, for Primary School students, will be held in Week 5, on Friday August 23. Invitations and further details will be made available early in Term 3, for Primary School students to invite their Grandparents & Grandfriends.

CarolsAlive! 2019 Sponsorship

CityReach Oakden is looking for local businesses to sponsor CarolsAlive! 2019.

The Christmas event, held on the Cedar College Oval and run by CityReach, is a night of family fun with amusements, food stalls, carol singing and guest artists. Sponsors are advertised in flyers, programs and banners, and on an LED screen on the night. If you would like to be financially involved, please email Leanne Thomson: [email protected]


Dates this Term


Term 2 – Tue 30 April – Fri 28 June

We will continue to have a three week break between terms 2 & 3

Term 3 – Wed 24 July – Fri 27 Sept

Term 4 – Tue 15 Oct – Wed 11 Dec

Term 1, 2020 – Tue 28 Jan – Thu 9 April


Regular opening hours during Term: 

Monday 8:30am – 4:30pm 

Wednesday 3pm – 5:30pm

Thursday Extended Opening Hours:

TERM 2 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm

TERM 4 – Weeks 1-3, 3pm – 5.30pm


The Primary School Assemblies and Chapels are held on Fridays at 8:55am. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend, and tea & coffee is available beforehand in The Terrace. Odd weeks are Chapel.

Week 8 – Year 1

Week 9 – Chapel

Term 3, Week 1 – Chapel

Primary School News

Camps - Learning Beyond the Classroom

On Wednesday June 5, Miss Dix and I watched as the students boarded the bus and reflected for a moment as we prepared ourselves to take 56 students on a three day “holiday” known as Year 6 Camp! 

The bus ride to Wirraway Homestead at Strathalbyn was quick, and we were welcomed by the rolling hills, countless trees and friendly staff at this rustic country campsite. We were also privileged to have Mrs Green, Mr Taylor, Pastor Jeremy and Nurse Tegan join us on the trip, and as always, the food was delicious and in abundance, and many lasting memories were made.

Activities Galore! 

The camp was full of fun activities all designed to challenge students physically and mentally. There were also opportunities for students to attempt new things and tackle some of their fears. Some of the activities included rock climbing, sheep herding, The Amazing Race, an obstacle course, archery, horse riding and bushwalking.

A Secret Spy 

One feature of the camp was the secret spy, who gave each of the dorms a daily score, depending on how tidy they were (with a penalty for the lowest score!). Many conversations took place trying to work out the identity of the spy. The rumour mill went into overdrive when scrawled across the menu board was a two line clue:

Roses are Red, Violets are Spies

Despite Violet claiming she was innocent and the camp director naming two Wirraway staff as the spies, (it seemed like a cover up!), the real identity of the spy may forever be a mystery.

The trip home was quick and many weary, but happy, students stumbled from the bus looking forward to a long hot shower and a sleep in their own beds!

A Valuable Experience 

As I returned home and reflected on the camp, I was reminded of the important part that our school camps play in helping young people to grow and develop their character. School camps have the ability to challenge each individual in ways that the normal classroom environment cannot. Camps create lasting memories that unite us as a community, and help us to learn more about others, and ourselves.

Mr Nathan Carson, Year 6 Teacher


Monday June 24, 7pm

An evening of music, presented by students in Years 9-12.

From 7pm – 9pm, (Doors open from 6:30pm) in the Foundry. Includes a short intermission.

Friends and family are asked to bring a plate of supper to share.

Music News

Instrumental & Vocal

It is now time to plan for Term 3 instrumental and singing lessons. Any students from Year 3 onwards who would like to begin music lessons, or would like more information, please ask for an expression of interest form from the Front Office.

Learn an Instrument, learn to sing!

We offer lessons in piano, guitar, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and singing. We have private specialist teachers who offer lessons for $26 – $29 per week. Instrumental hire can also be arranged at a reduced rate per term. Positions are limited so if a position is not currently available, students will be placed on a waiting list.

For existing students who do not plan to continue their instrumental/singing lessons in Term 3, I need to be advised before the end of this term, so I am able to offer the position to another student. Please send written notification to me. A message from a student is not sufficient. I need to be informed directly from the parent/caregiver. There is a $50 administration fee if notification is not given by the end of the term.

Instrumental Reports, for current students, will be sent by email next week.

Lessons for students who are presently learning will continue as normal, beginning on the first day back (Wednesday) of Term 3. If there are any changes to lesson times required, I need to know them immediately, as the schedules will be set before the beginning of next term.

Enquiries can also be made by contacting me via email [email protected]

Mrs Joanne Thorpe, Instrumental Co-ordinator

Brass & Woodwind Expo

Our Brass & Woodwind Instrumental teachers will be performing on their instruments as well as answering questions from students. If any students are interested in finding out more about learning the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet or trombone, come along!

Join the Band

Expression of interest notes will be available for those who attend the Brass & Woodwind Expo. We would love to encourage students to learn these instruments, with a view to being a part of future bands.

The Expo is for Students in Year 3 – 6, and will be held in the Primary School Music Room on Tuesday June 25, during lunchtime! The Expo starts at 1:15pm sharp, and continues through lunchtime until 1:45pm.

Bring your lunch and come to the Primary School music room. Numbers will be limited so don’t be late!

Mrs Joanne Thorpe, Instrumental Co-ordinator

Middle School News

Bosses Bring in Benefits

The $20 Boss program is an immersive learning program for building the enterprise skills of young people.

The school-based program gives students $20 of start-up capital to create, launch and operate their own social enterprise over the course of a school term. Students learn key elements of entrepreneurship and are taught how to earn money and create social good.

Ethical Enterprise

At Cedar, our Year 9 students formed Social Enterprises, using the $20 Boss program within their Health and Wellbeing elective. During the process, students have learnt how social enterprises are formed, and created their own enterprise, giving generously to important causes from the proceeds of their business activities.

Students were immersed into the complexities of running a business, and using that business to support a great cause, over a two-week training period. The thrill of being provided with start-up capital, hones student focus like nothing else. The products and impact these students created, were inspiring. The students generated more than $1200 of profit as a class, and donated more than $1000 of that to Compassion projects, Watoto – Keep a Girl in School and the Hutt St Centre.

Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration

At Cedar we appreciate the opportunity to engage our students in innovative and entrepreneurial tasks. Our students’ creativity, critical thinking and collaboration, enabled outstanding development and achievements for these businesses. This year the students ran ice cream stalls, made culturally-themed bandanas, held a sausage sizzle, sold toasties and extra canteen treats, cleaned gum from under classroom tables and sold morning brownies and muffins.

Mr David Webb, Middle School Co-ordinator


Senior School News

Workplace Learning at Cedar College

All of our Year 10 students have the opportunity to be involved in Work Experience at the end of Term 2.

A Work Experience placement is part of our Personal Learning Plan curriculum, but it is much more than just an aspect of their course.

Work Experience allows students to prepare for real life, through providing them with authentic opportunities to access the work environment, explore potential career choices and pathways and develop employability skills.

Prior Preparation

Prior to the Work Experience placement, all students participate in a program of workplace preparation that deals with roles, rights and responsibilities, and work health and safety, including hazard identification and risk assessment. Our Year 10s completed this training at our Work Experience Training Day on Monday, June 17, and it culminated in completion of a Passport to Safety online certificate.

Continuing Connections

In her recent performance in Community Time, musician and 2018 Cedar College graduate, Cahli Blakers, explained to the students that her Year 10 Work Experience at Northern Sound System formed the connection to the producer and recording studio that have been instrumental in her ongoing success. It was encouraging to see that her Work Experience placement back in 2016 has helped open the doors to a promising career in the music industry.

This year, Cedar College students will be completing their Work Experience at a range of sites, which include: Parliament House – Catering Division; Royal Society for the Blind; the University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes Campus; Pet Universe; and Adelaide Paediatrics.

We wish our Year 10s all the best in their Work Experience during Week 9.

Miss Kate Adamson, High School Teacher, & Mrs Bronwen Burleigh, Pathways Co-ordinator

Space Industry Work Experience Placements

The Space Industry Work Experience placements will take place in the Term 3 holidays 1-11 October, and early December (Term 4) 2019 with students working alongside a mentor at SA space companies and organisations for 2-3 days during the Term 3 holidays or at the end of Term 4.


Students enrolled at a South Australian Secondary School, who are currently 15 years of age or older, will have the opportunity to register their interest for a placement in the Space Industry Work Experience program.

Placements for the Space Industry Work Experience pilot program are strictly limited and all applications will be assessed by an expert panel including representatives from SASIC and ATP. Applicants will be shortlisted for the positions and Interviews may be required to determine the final successful placements.  

How to Apply

Applications for students will open on Monday 1 July, 2019 and close on Wednesday 31 July 2019 via:https://dlb.sa.edu.au/atmoodle/course/view.php?id=63.

Mrs Bronwen Burleigh, Pathways Co-ordinator