Senior Drama

Senior School Outlines

An overview of the Senior School year.

Parents and Caregivers play an essential part in the education of their children. This means supporting and understanding your child’s workload both at school and at home. To that end Cedar College has made available a complete list of course outlines and homework expectations for all year levels in the High School.

art2Course Outlines are available for subjects in Year 7 – 10 and provide information in relation to how students are assessed, and give a guide as to when assignments are due.

The drop-down menus below allow you to select the applicable year level (Select a Year Level) and corresponding subjects (Select a Subject) that Senior School students are studying in 2015. Once selected click the ‘Download Outline’ button to download SEMESTER 2 Subject Outline pdf files.

The importance of Homework.

Homework is considered to be an important extension to the work carried out in class, helping students develop personal study habits and research skills. Each year level is given a guide to the approximate hours of homework required, and what subject they should expect homework for each week. Some homework assignments require the student to plan and allocate time each week during the term, becoming responsible for managing this time themselves.

Senior School Course Outlines