Drama Gets Socially Absurd!

Drama Gets Socially Absurd!

Drama gets Socially Absurd! – Cedar College Drama.

Drama gets Socially Absurd!

- CedarNews Term 2, Week 8

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“The Social Commentary” presented a vignette of both the familiar and the absurd, as the Year 10, 11 and 12 Drama students presented three one-act plays at the first public performances in the Creative Arts Centre. In “The Gift”, Year 12 students Lucy, Sarah, Evie and Chloe, provided characters that the audience could both laugh at and empathise with. They were ably supported in their roles by Year 11 students Natasha, Ebony and Megi. It’s entirely possible that no-one attending the performances will ever be able to think about the word “gift” without immediately following it with a melodic “aaaahhh”, which was a comical highlight of the night.

“The Door” was presented by the three Year 11 students, who brought the audience into a seedy underworld, behind a door in a basement. The three students did an exceptional job at making a piece of theatre, with knowing only the beginning and end. Director, Mr Nowak, informed the audience that “there has been no script written, but merely an agreement of what the topics are”, with no two shows being the same.

“The Umbrella” was written and created entirely by the Year 10 Drama students, under the direction of Mrs Gauthier. It was a script inspired by their passions and life experiences, fuelled by their voice and beliefs to challenge the audience as to what they believe about sexism. The Year 10 Cedar College drama performance was also punctuated by some dramatic sound and lighting design by Year 11 student, Stephen.